AMP Webinar Follow-Up



Thanks to everybody who joined our AMP webinar today! As promised, please feel free to post any follow-up questions here. Our team is ready for ya!

For those who missed the webinar and would like a recording, please comment on this post and I’ll make sure it gets to you.

Happy AMP building!


I’d like to see the replay please. Thanks. Jason

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I’d like to get a copy of that as well, thanks @Jess


Hey @Scott_Fahy! Roger that, I’ll add you to the list. I’ll also be uploading the transcript from the Q&A portion of the webinar here. Stay tuned! I’ll have this all done before the end of the week. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t able to attend the webinar. I’d like access to the recording when it’s available. Please and thank you!


@kyndallkay you got it! :+1:


Like others, would like to see the recording.


Hey @firesofmay, you got it! I’ll send you a message with a link. If you have any questions feel free to chime into this thread :blush:


hi, i would like a copy of the replay… and ask you when AMP will be ready for simple billing plan?


Hey @sephira! I’ll send you a message with a link to the webinar shortly, keep an eye on your inbox here in the community.

AMP will be available for all customers on Premium and Enterprise plans once the open beta is complete, which will be towards the end of February. Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:



Hi! Would I be able to get a copy of the replay? Testing it out right now - super excited to learn this new feature :slightly_smiling_face: