AMP page conversion tracking and remarketing

Ahoy Sailors and Sailorettes!

SO, since GTM capabilities are still limited within GTM for AMP pages I have a couple of questions to clarify regarding how to setup converion tracking and remarketing for Google Ads.

I setup all my Conversion actions to fire just like the ones in the WEB containers… but they are not even getting verified by GAW.

And After I added the remarketing tag I realised I cannot add the form submission as an exception to the remarketing tag. This would mean that the remarketing list would contain all the converters as well…

THe only solution I see to this problem right now is to create /thank-you pages for all the landing pages and exclude converters this way.

Also it would be easier with the conversion tracking as it would only fire when users land on the thank you page. Right now I am using a visibilcity trigger for the AMP form submission convrsion and i is not working…

I hope this makes sense and we can all learn a bit together! :slight_smile:
I appreciate any feedback!