AMP Canonical for Mobile and Desktop


I love using the new AMP landing page building tool. With AMP now offering full support for canonical / native experiences (e.g. I’d love to be able to build landing pages in Unbounce that work for mobile as well as desktop.

That’s it! Keep working on the awesomeness that is your AMP tool already and let us use it for canonical landing pages, including desktop.



Hi @Jonathan_Wold

Thank you for the feedback! Super happy that you like our new feature!

I’m the Product Manager for AMP and I’d be interested to know why you would like to build desktop pages as AMP? Have you experimented with AMP much in the past? Just curious as it seems most people are still in the evaluation phase with AMP and if you’ve discovered that it works really well for you, I’d love to learn more about your experiences.


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