American Express!


Why doesn’t Unbounce support American Express? I know it costs a smidgen more, but that doesn’t seem to be enough and will likely be a factor in whether we continue to use Unbounce beyond the trial.


Hello Techdude - thank you for your question.

Fact is we’d love to be able to offer automated billing via AmEx, trouble is they make it very difficult for companies outside of the US to bill in US dollars.

We are working on a a way around this (we may even end-up incorporating a new company in the US just to be able to handle Payments by AmEx.)

In the meantime we do recognize how important this payment method is to many of our customers.

If you have a PayPal account you can top that up using AmEx and pay us directly out of that (if you send an email to letting us know what subscription level you would like we will invoice you on a monthly basis.)

If you would prefer to us some other method, please let us know what that is and we will do our best to accommodate.


This is an update to this thread for the benefit of anyone who may be following this issue.

Most of the people in the tech start-up community that I have discussed this problem with are of the opinion that the only way a Canadian company can get set-up to take US dollars via AmEx is to start a US corp and obtain a US merchant account.

Since my original posting, I have discovered that AmEx can offer what they call a ‘Mulit-Currency Account’ to companies in Canada that allows them to accept transactions in US dollars. Apparently this account also comes with an API that allows shopping cart integration - I am waiting for further info on that.

What is not clear, is if this kind of account can be made to work with our chosen payment gateway solution and recurring billing service.

I am hoping that this offers a sensible way forward for us to be able to accept automatic subscription payments via AmEx as well as the credit cards that we already offer. I will keep this thread posted as I have more updates.



Is there any update on this? Is can one just tie their Amex to PayPal and pay you that way?

Our company solely uses American Express.


Hi there. We’re still working on a solution and believe me, we’re more eager to get it out the door than anyone. But in the mean time, we do have a workaround available by doing exactly what you mentioned–manually billing through PayPal which you then pay with Amex.

If this would work for you, open a Free account at (if you haven’t already) then reach out to to tell us:

  • the primary email address of your Unbounce account,
  • any billing information (company name, address, etc.) you would like on the invoice,
  • and the account level you’d like to subscribe to.

Until we get a permanent solution in place this should help but let me know if you’ve got any other questions.


Happy to report that at long last we can accept AmEx as a method of payment for Unbounce subscriptions.

At the time of my first post to this thread I we had no idea of how tough it was going to be for a Canadian company to do this, however, thanks to our friends at AmEx Canada and Braintree in the US we have finally found a path that works.

Please contact our excellent Customer Success team at if you are currently on a manual billing plan and you wish to make the switch.

If you are not on a manual billing plan, you can upgrade your account at any time and enter the details of your AmEx card as you would any other card.

All the best - thank you for bearing with us while we implemented a solution.