Amend a zoho record rather than create a new one


I can see that unbounce creates a new lead in Zoho using a form. But what I want to do is transfer some new data for an existing zoho lead from an unbounce form to zoho. So far all I am able to do is create a new lead. Is it possible to set up a form integration so that it amends an existing record in Zoho?


This isn’t an Unbounce limitation but stupid Zoho limitation. Their API requires a “Last Name” field along with a few things for you to “update” a record (Lead, contact, opportunity, whatever). There’s more silly reasons, I’d have to dig it all up to tell you exactly what… but yeah, Unbounce can’t help. Totally sucks.

I’m confident this is still the case because the last this happened to me was about a little over a year ago. 


Thanks for your reply Mark. I am able to pass pretty much whatever fields I would need in the link to pre-fill the Unbounce form. I added the last name as you can’t integrate with Zoho at all without the field. From your response it sounds as if it may be possible if I just fill out the right fields in the form. Is that the case and if so, do you know from your past experience what the fields would be?


Hi Nigel,

As mentioned, there’s a few other things that I don’t quite recall right now. The end story was that Zoho’s API cannot ‘update’ an existing record.

Again, I may be mistaken because some time has passed since this happened. You’d be better off with an official response from Zoho though. If you do get something positive, please let us know!