Amazon Coupon Page - Please give us your feedback :)


Hey guys, we have just designed our first unbounce page, the idea is that we want to drive traffic and sales towards newly launched products on amazon, so we will offer exclusive deals for up to 90% OFF the retails prices, just so we can get more people to test and rate the products. Any feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link -

Thanks Guys!



Welcome, congrats on the first page! How was it to build? easy, medium, hard?

I have a couple of notes/suggestions.

The top part seems a tad repetitive. It is clear you took the idea of form first design to heart, but repeating the bit about word of mouth marketing could be improved. I know why you want to securitize people into not thinking this is a scam etc. so the bit about why the price is so low is good, I’d just mix up the language a bit.

There is a lot of text. That is fine, sometimes you need to explain the offer… but it is small, especially at mobile. I’d considering paring down the mobile page or increasing the font a bit.

I love the use of video! Don’t bury it at the bottom, bring that up higher on the page!

Maybe shorten up the testimonials? They are great but they are long, and the font again is way too small.  I wear reading glasses and I had to make the page bigger to read it.

Again, more video at the bottom… bring that up! Or at least a/b test another version of the page with it higher.

I would add at least 1 if not 2 more CTA’s in the middle or at the bottom that will bring you back up to the form. Or maybe a back to top button. You get all the way to the bottom and you kinda forget why you are here, that there is this incredible offer for you… keep that top of mind.

Great first page, best of luck with the new product! One last question, how are you driving traffic to the page?



Hey Joe!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions, they are well on point and I will get to work on them straight away!

Unbounce is amazing, it took me a long time to make the website like 2 days, but not because it’s complicated or anything, it just took longer because I wasn’t sure what I am doing and I am not sure what exactly I need to accomplish, but I think I am getting closer to it now. So in one word - EASY!

I am thinking to drive traffic through Google AdWords and Display Network, plus Facebook, if you have any traffic driving ideas or suggestions, I would be very grateful as this is the first time that we will approach to drive 3rd party traffic to our amazon listings.

Thanks again for taking the time to show the ropes a newbie like me, I really appreciate it!




That is awesome to hear. The first one is always  a little “rough” but as you said - EASY! 

AdWords and the GDN are great places to advertise. Facebook is even better if you have a community around your product. If you aren’t familiar with AdWords or Facebook ads I’d suggest finding an agency partner to help get you started. You want to make sure you maximize your ad spend.

The one thing I have to recommend when working with Unbounce is test, test, test. Don’t just move something or take something away, test it. The A/B testing option is so easy and so powerful. Is it Optimizely? No. But you don’t need that here. 

Good Luck!


Hey Joe, 

What do you think about it now -

When you have a minute, please have a look and let me know your thoughts.





Wow… much better. It is so much easier to read now.  The top CTA is clear without all that text. Strong headline, few bullet points and away you go. 

The mid page CTA is awesome.

Adding the 138 customer reviews, awesome.

The first review is outside of the guide at mobile. Double check that. Second one looks fine.

I’d make sure to use a service like HotJar to look at things like heatmaps, scrolling etc. And then do some A/B tests based on that data.

Good luck with it!



Thanks Joe! I really appreciate your help!