Alter Pop up animations?


I’m in need of some Javascript wizardry! (I think. It may be css.)

Here’s my question:

Any idea how to make a popup (the ones built into unbounce) slide in rather than POP. UP.?

I just want to do something like the below with Unbounce’s built in Pop Ups.:

(Scroll down around halfway and you’ll see stuff slide out on the bottom right. Its so smooth too.)

Is this even remotely possible—getting a pop-up inside Unbounce to show up like that?

Heck! They don’t even have to slide in. It just needs to not Pop. Up. And… NOT take up the entire screen.

“Geez! Aren’t we picky about pop ups!”

Yeah, I know what you mean. I can be a little much. (I didn’t how picky I was until I added one!)

I know there are services I can get out there like Sumo and Optimize Press (I think) but, I’d really like to be able to do it inside unbounce.

I.E. Have everything in one place.


For any of you who see this, please know your time and expertise are greatly appreciated!