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Hey @Joe_Katzman! We just ported our Community over to a new provider named Discourse, so we have a lot more customizability around the log-in screen. Can you give the log-in another go and let us know what you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!


That was several hundred percent better. MUCH clearer at every step, and worked painlessly. On-site option was clear, and Discourse didn’t try to insert its own brand. Which means it wasn’t introducing uncertainty into the process.

Done to the Unbounce standard all around. Take a bow.


Incredible. I’m so very happy to hear that! We might have to steal you for some user testing on some of our other initiatives. :wink:


Hello all, I’m co-founder of DayChamp, we’re conversion design specialists located in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been using Unbounce professionally and been a design/ppc partner since 2012. Unbounce not only provides our clients with a platform that meets their needs it also helped grow our business!

I’m also available if you have any burning questions in the area of conversion design and copywriting, optimization and just marketing in general :slight_smile:

If you’re in MTL I’m also organizing the Unbounce Montreal Community Meetup.


Hi Brad,

My name is Arthur Stuart, and I am a demand generation specialist with an interest in experimental marketing tactics using social media, landing pages, and content marketing.

Right now, I am working with a few upstart companies to help develop their brand online. I am trying to figure out how I can scale this operation that is based on authenticity, strong CTAs, and high performance and Unbounce seems to be a perfect solution to that. I’m in the very beginning of this process and looking for insight and guidance for the best way to deliver value to my clients.


Rory, Corey, ton.bil,

Thanks for your thoughts, I would like to add to this discussion. I’m 21, about to graduate with a major in film and a minor in advertising. I’m kind of in my formative years where I would say my integrity is fairly strong. I’ve been going through school experiencing the good in advertising, and certainly the bad. There seems to be so much bad, sadly. But the truly effective advertising in my eyes has always been authentic.

Authenticity is key. I feel like we are about to experience a wave in companies that practice not just profit, but purpose. I think Unbounce may be on the forefront of that. To accomplish this they need to have a strong community, and this is the first time I have ever created an account in order to be apart of one. I did this because the email I received was in my eyes, authentic. So Unbounce, whatever or whoever came up with this idea got someone who has alienated himself from online communities to finally be apart of one. It feels pretty good, thanks for that.

I often think to myself, “the only reason I’m sitting in this advertising class is because I want to change everything about it.” Unfortunately, I don’t really have the confidence and probably talent in order to do anything to change an industry. :smiley:


@NickPetersen the world needs more people like you!! Thanks so much for being so transparent about your experiences!

We definitely strive for authenticity in the Community, but ironically, we don’t have to try very hard (and I guess that’s the point of what makes something authentic.) I’m so stoked that Unbounce made the cut for online communities that you participate in, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of valuable assets to share.

I personally think you should keep telling yourself that you want to be the change in advertising, you might surprise yourself with the outcome.

I hope to hear more from you in the forums!! :relaxed:




Hey @ArthurStuart! Welcome! :blush:

I agree, I think Unbounce is a perfect solution for that. A good place to start is by sharing your process, have you checked out our Landing Page Feedback channel? It’s a great place to see some samples of work, and follow along with the feedback they receive.

Give me a shout if you want some more resources, I’m full of 'em!




Hey Nick, awesome points! Yes, authenticity is everything when it comes to online communities. Unbounce has something very special going on here for sure.


Hi guys,

My name is Harold Tamayo. I am developing a CRO Tool named AxBizz. I am pleased to be here discussing important themes related with de CRO industry. Many thanks


hi there,

Im Dan from the UK and IM using Unbounce for my new start-up’s landing page that showcases comedy.
The page builder is great - so many options, there’s one script i can’t manage to get working though, sure there’ll be more but that’s it for now.

Look forward to using unbounce and contributing to these forums!


Welcome Dan!

So happy to have you here! If there’s a script you’re running that isn’t working quite right, feel free to create your own topic in the Technical category, and our experts will chime in to help you troubleshoot – we’re not a shy bunch. :blush:



Greetings everyone,

I am a software engineer with an understanding that marketing plays an important role in design. From my own personal experiences I understand that not only can good marketing improve a user’s experience, it can really help with figuring out how to meet the business needs in design while enhancing the users experience. I find that there is a lot of cross-over between good design and good marketing.

I’m here to learn more about what good marketing is and strategies for successful marketing. My hope is to grow my knowledge and to inspire me to start implementing what I learn in my own projects. Perhaps even in ways that take it outside of the box.


Hey David! Love the evil monkey profile picture :monkey:

You’ve definitely come to the right place for marketing strategies. We also have a group of @Unbounce-Experts who never shy away from challenging conversations or questions in the forums. Here are some great posts that come to mind:

And, of course there’s our Marketing Strategy category which is full of juicy Marketing goodness!

Hope you love it here, we’re stoked to have you!



Hello there!

My name is Eugene - I am a web designer at Aamplify New Zealand. We are a marketing/design agency. I did my studies in communications before landing a job at a rental car company - horrible experience. I decided to do another year (after 4 years) of study and took up Web Development. At the end of my course I landed myself a pretty sweet job here!

I will be honest though, I am no pro designer - if anything, I actually dislike design. But I really enjoy learning new technologies. I am a problem solver!

I am here to improve my company with advanced landing pages.
Looking forward to seeing more advanced features coming out! :slight_smile:


Hey Eugene! I’ve seen you in the forums before, so I’m glad we’re finally introduced here. :blush:

Thanks for being candid about your experience, I started my career in health care and now I’m an Online Community Coordinator! What a world!

We’re happy to have you here!

Are there any particular features that you’d like to see? I can point you in the right direction, and if they don’t exist yet, definitely check out the Feature Requests category – we take that category very seriously when we’re looking at our product roadmap at Unbounce.

I think it’s about 6:30AM in New Zealand, so when you see this, I hope you have a lovely morning! :sunny:


I have a new business selling Dog/Cat food online. Through a website, amazon and ebay. I have a great product which is a top of the range Human Grade dry food in 5kg and 12kg tamper proof buckets. The testimonials are amazing and every customer we have picked up since starting (5 months ago) is re-ordering.
My problem is that I am in a business with thousands of competitors and getting noticed, let alone making that first sale, is very difficult among’st the crowd. I imagine that this is a problem that most people find when selling on the internet but I am sure that some will have found a solution. I have a fan page and group page on facebook and post in dog/cat groups. In the next few weeks my product will be FBA on amazon which I think may help but I’d be interested in any ideas.
Thanks for reading,

How do your market your product in a saturated industry?

Hey Ken!

Welcome! Thanks so much for sharing your story here. I think this question could even live in it’s own topic within our Community: How do your market your product in a saturated industry?

I’d love to see what other members in the Community have to say about this.

Cheers :beers:


Hey Ken,

Interesting business! I know it’s a crowded space, but as cliched as it sounds, you just need to figure out your “hook” so that your brand can stand out. Maybe it’s the “human grade” product quality, or maybe it’s the way it’s packaged. There has to be something that makes it different from the rest.

I’d say if you’re already getting amazing testimonials though, you should do everything you can to capture those and highlight them. Try to get video content from your customers and run the videos as ads to build awareness. People love, love, love seeing authentic testimonials about products that interest them.

I would consider running a contest to capture video testimonials from your customers, and then run the best testimonials as Facebook ads, pointing to an unbounce page where new visitors could sign up for a discount off their first purchase.


Hey everyone! My name is Jake Peterson.

I run an analytics services company called Bard Analytics based out of Los Angeles with consultants in San Francisco, New York, and a few other cities in the US and Canada. We help online companies collect and analyze their data. We’ve worked with Unbounce customers many times to get them set up with a solid analytics foundation.

That typically means brining together data from various places like Adwords/Facebook Ads cost and targeting data, Unbounce page visits and opt ins, email marketing effectiveness, all the way through to a close sale in a CRM or on a website. Once the data is in one place it’s easy to automate reporting so people don’t have to spend so much time in spreadsheets :dealwithitparrot:

I’m excited to answer any questions related to collecting or analyzing data, building custom reports, or doing attribution modeling and analysis. Feel free to reach out or tag me if any related questions come up!

Before starting Bard at the end of 2016 I was at a San Francisco based analytics company called Segment as their VP of Customer Success for 3 years. And before that I was a data analyst and product manager at a marketing Agency in Minneapolis.