Allow page-level setting of CSS for headings and body


Current Unbounce templates include multiple fonts. After editing, the page potentially includes even more. This can result in inconsistent design and unnecessarily slower pages due to the loading of multiple custom fonts.

It would be great if we could specify font-family for headings and body at the page level that would visually render as such within the editor.

Headings: (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
family = "‘playfair display’, georgia, serif"
weight = bold

Body: (everything else… body, p, ul ol, li, br, etc.)
family = “‘pt sans’, helvetica, arial, sans-serif”

Note: It would also be helpful to identify/audit how many custom fonts are loaded for the page, and how many custom fonts are actually in use.

TIP: I typically only use custom fonts for bold headings. By only loading the bold custom font file, it minimizes load time. Custom fonts used for the body typically need normal, bold, italic, bold-italic – which is 4 fonts to load.