All About Them Conversions? Unbounce Wants to Talk to You! 💰$50

Hey Community,
Hussaina from Unbounce here.
Our UX team is doing some user interviews from Aug 3rd to Aug 16th, and we are hoping to speak with up to 5 of you about what happens after your conversions and how do you identify your best customers.
We are specifically looking for people who fit the following criteria:

  • Someone who is capturing conversions
  • A marketer in an in-house marketing team (no agencies at this time)
  • Fewer than 50 people in your company (ideally 4-25 people)
  • Based in North America
  • Have not participated in any research with Unbounce in the last 3 months

The session will last approximately ONE hour, and we are offering a $50 Amazon gift card in exchange for your time.
If you’re interested in participating and have availability between Aug 3 to Aug 16, let me know! Either comment on this post or send me a direct message.
As spaces are limited, I’ll be replying on a first in first served basis with an initial questionnaire and closing the post when we have enough.

Thank you.


Happy to attend. Let me know.

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Hi. I’m happy to help (and I fit all the criterias).

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Hussaina, I can participate. I am the sole marketer of our in-house marketing ‘team’ and meet the other criteria, with the exception of the fact that my company employs 58 people. Happy to help if you want me. - Beverly

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I’m available

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I’m interested -

Hi there!

I’d love to chat. I was initially testing out Unbounce with my personal email and ended up purchasing a subscription through Surround Insurance. I am the lead ux designer, and also lead most of the online marketing. Out company is currently under 10 people, based in North American, and we just implemented Unbounce in the last three months. We’re a property/casualty insuretech company.

  • Mel Rainsberger

Happy to participate and meet all of the criteria. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Regina.

Great! What’s the next step?

I’ll be happy to be included as well.

We are based in Brazil.
Thank you.

Ok, does that mean I can’t participate? Not sure what to do with this information.

How to join ? Happy to be the one.
What are the next steps?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. This was about market research and I answered both emailed questions and a questionnaire and now feel like this might have been a scam email since nothing I’ve said so far seems to be tracked or recorded.