Align the form input hint text


Hello guys

I poke around and see that the JS “Placeholder In Form” is the guy that write the hint text. However, it seems that it is left aligned. Is there a way to make it right align?

This is the javascript snippet writing the hint text

$("#lp-pom-form-507 input").attr(“placeholder”, “Enter your email”);



Hey TK - Try adding this to your CSS stylesheets box. I haven’t done extensive testing on various browsers, but it seems do what your trying to achieve.

<style>/* webkit solution */ <br /> ::-webkit-input-placeholder { text-align:right; } <br /> /* mozilla solution */ <br /> input:-moz-placeholder { text-align:right; }</style>


Hello Johnny,

You mean to say instead of


It seems some character were truncated. What I meant to say is, you mean to say style instead of script ?


Whoa my mistake. Yes you want to change that to

instead of


Sorry for the confusion TK. I’ll update my original reply. Thanks for pointing that out!



Is there a similar script that will allow me to adjust the font color of the placeholder text within my form fields?  I am looking to have the text be black before and after the form is filled out.

/* webkit solution */ ::-webkit-input-placeholder { /* Chrome/Opera/Safari */
  color: pink;
::-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 19+ */
  color: pink;
:-ms-input-placeholder { /* IE 10+ */
  color: pink;
:-moz-placeholder { /* Firefox 18- */
  color: pink;


how about when I just want to put a style on the asterisk (*) on the placeholder?