Ajax not works inside unbounce


Ajax not works inside unbounce

I tried custom javascript and tried for

//get regions
.getJSON('[http://packers-movers-india.in/c/regi...](http://packers-movers-india.in/c/regionws)', { get\_param: 'value' }, function(data) { .each(data, function(index, element) {
('body').append((’’, {
text: element.name

but i am not getting the output from unbounce for this ajax request.
please do help me out of this


Hey Antonio!

Could you please share with us what your trying to achieve?

It’s not possible to send form data over via AJAX but you could POST to a URL, or you could use ourWebhook.

The better we can understand what you’d like to accomplish the better we’ll be able to troubleshoot this. Thanks in advance Antonio!


Hey Antonio!

Looks like you have a Support Ticket open with Johnny, so I’ll let him take it from there - you’re in good hands.

Be sure to reach out if you have any additional questions, or concerns, we’re always happy to help :slight_smile: