After opt-In web page


I want three web pages in may campaign:

1th) The landing page: it is ok, there is a form with an e-mail field.
2nd) Form confirmation dialog: it is ok, I say “Thank you! Check your inbox for a subscribe confirmation.” (these two pages are inside the same page item in Unbounce)
3rd) The download page: after user click in the link in his confirmation e-mail (I use Aweber here), I want to show this page for him. How can I do this with Unbounce?

PS: I know how to redirect from Aweber to the download page, but I don’t know how to create this page in Unbounce inside the SAME campaign (I mean, I can create another common page, but this is the correct way to do this?).

Thanks in advance!


I think I just found how. All that I need to do is create a group to associate different pages. :slight_smile: