After 2 years, finally ready for PPC traffic - Please Help Us!


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
We are looking to increase our free trial signups using Google Ads.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
We use about 20 Unbounce LP’s. For this specific campaign, we are trying to set up a base and start split testing traffic from Adwords. We will be ramping to hundreds or more of visits per day

3: What is your conversion goal?
I think 25% or higher would be ideal. In a previous test, we were able to top out at 16 or so.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:
variants are /bq and /bs

Will be very open to also hire an expert who can use their expert skills with UB and CRO to get us there!


Hi @Carl_Petrovsky!

You’re off to a great start! I was unable to see the variants, but here are the notes I have for the /parental-controls/ page:

  • I think your form gets a bit lost in the top section. There is a lot immediately next to it.

  • Perhaps use a background image in the top section of a kid on a device!

  • I would add that this is a software to the top section

  • Highlight more that there is no credit card required!

  • Remove the “Sign up with Facebook” and Google icons - this is another way for a user to leave your page and when I clicked on them weird things happened including and error on the app window.

  • Place a bit higher quality image of your product (in the first instance of a product image) - the second one looks good. Try and use more similar imagery (in this case, the same phone mockup)

  • Standardize the fonts you use - You “Current List of Features…” are a different font than anything else on the rest of the page. Maybe just narrow it down to a few key links and make sure the open in a new window!

  • There could be some more white space in the middle section, and I would break up the content into sections so it is easier to read.

  • Place the name, even if just a first name, under the quote

  • I like to avoid using links in the footer so users don’t leave the page, but if you need to have these anywhere, that is a good spot. Make sure they all open in a new window!

I hope that helps! I would be happy to assist you more!


These are great ideas and would to get more info on your services and how we really start ramping. Would be available for a call in the next few days to understand more about what we do and our goals/history?

I also saw your multi-page script - impressive! I think there is a lot you can help us with.



Hey Carl,

Nice concept! I see you got some amazing feedback from Caroline. I’d agree with everything she’s suggested. Here are a few more ideas on the page overall:

Best of luck!



Thanks for the great video review. Please PM me. For some reason as a new user, I could not send a message.