Affiliates information for a lead


Is it possible to append an affiliate information to the link that will be passed on to the lead list?

For example, I want a landing page to have a URL X then for each affiliate, have X+a, X+b… etc.

Then, in my leads (or in mailchimp) have a note which affiliate brought the lead. Any idea how to do that?


Hi Amir! 

I’ve already noted this in the ticket that you submitted, but I’ll post the answer here as well in case anyone else is interested in the answer. 

You absolutely can do this with Unbounce and MailChimp, and the great thing is, it’s really easy to set up. All you would need to do is add an extra parameter to each of the affiliates links, then include a hidden field on your page to capture the parameter.

For example, if your URL was:

You would include an extra parameter, such as  affid , then assign a value to this that is unique to each affiliate… such as a word, or a number. So if one of your affiliates is named tedmail , your URL would look like this:

Then in Unbounce you would just need to add a hidden field to your form and name it  affid. This will automatically capture the affid from the URL and include it with your leads.

The last step would just be to field map this so that it’s visible in MailChimp, which is fairly straightforward in itself.

That’s about it!