Adwords vs. Adwords Express


Hey Everyone!

I have not seen adwords vs adwords Express on unbounce and I wanted to get some feedback as to which one is better. I am currenty using adwords Express at a budget of $800 per month.


You’re probably wasting a large part of that $800 budget. Both platforms will drive new traffic to your website. And, both can work well if you set them up and optimize them properly with a goal of improving results over time.

No matter which version of AdWords you choose, pay close attention to your outcomes and results. Take the time to update your keywords, test new ads, and adjust bids for better results. It is entirely too easy to lose control of a neglected account and waste money on unqualified traffic that will never buy from you.

If you don’t want to give up control over the details that matter for your AdWords campaigns, stick with the full version. If you just need a quick, convenient way to get your ads online without a lot of hand-holding, AdWords Express is probably better than doing nothing at all.

And as usual, “it depends” on your business, market, competitors, and other factors.


What’s the special service are you getting from them by spending $800 per month? I would like to know about it.


I prefer Adwords rather than using Adwords Express.