Adwords & Unbounce


Hi There,

We are setting up multiple campaigns in Adwords and linking them to multiple landing pages.

We are trying to decide on the flow of the URL to have the best advantage in Adwords.

Currently an example URL is:

We are wondering if there is an advantage by changing ‘bounce’ in the URL to a fairly relevant yet generic keyword within the campaign.

EG: A campaign called ‘roof’ would have several urls formatted like this:

Then for our next campaign on mould we’d break it down as:

Do you have any advice on whether this way would be worth spending the time setting up and if it would therefore yield better results within the campaign?

Thank you.


Hi Sally - for SEO, there are definitely some strong arguments for and against distinct subdomains vs. directories on the same subdomain. For PPC, as long as you have a and a descriptive page name, it shouldn’t affect your quality score. And there isn’t strong evidence for one or the other when it comes to conversions.

You should definitely have a URL that is descriptive, but there likely won’t be measurable difference between: and

versus,,, etc.

I’d definitely be curious to hear if anyone’s gone ahead and run the two head to head.