AdWords Rejected Landing Pages for "Information Harvesting"


We created 5 targeted landing pages to support a new book launch for a client. The pages offer a video training course. They have to enter their email address to get access. This is what came back from Google.

An example of the landing page we designed is here:


Any ideas about what to do to correct this problem?


Hello AdWords Advertiser,

We wanted to alert you that one of your sites violates our Advertising Policies and as a result we aren’t displaying ads for any URLs on that site. Please note that any new ads pointing to that site will also be disapproved.

If this is an error, we want to get your ads back up and running as quickly as possible, and your Google team is here to help. Here’s the account and URL:

Customer ID: 737-634-6832
Display URL:

The name of the policy is: Information harvesting
More information about this policy, including how to correct problems:…


Hi Andy - thanks for posting!

I know you spoke to Jeff this morning as well but I just thought I’ll go ahead and answer this thread as well in case anyone else comes across this issue.

There are 2 main reasons that Google Adwords may reject an Unbounce page for an Adwords campaign:

  • The first is that the page is not using a custom domain. Google Adwords is quite strict in regards to ads having to use domains that are actually related to the business that’s being discussed. The page you linked wasn’t an Unbounce page but when you are using an Unbounce page, you will be able to use the steps in the following article about how to set up custom domains with them:…

  • The second reason, which is most relevant to your since the Adwords message did mention “Information Harvesting”, is that if you have a form on the page, you must also include a privacy policy. You can either link to one that you already have on your main website, or you can use an Unbounce page to host it. In either case, we recommend linking to the privacy policy via a lightbox (this will make it so that users can review the policy but not have to leave the actual page.)…

I hope this was helpful!


I got the same notice today, and I’m using a custom domain.

I’ve added a privacy policy and submit a response, but the documentation Google gave (… ) says that its mostly related to offering incentives or collecting sensitive (bank, CC) user information without SSL. Neither of which I’m doing at all, just collecting email address and a message from the user.

Should we be using SSL on custom domains for forms?


Hey Ron, so did your ads get rejected again after adding the privacy policy?

There is so much contradictory stuff flying around about this. Some people claim you need to have navigation, so it looks like there is more that just a landing page, while all the inbound folks say you need to have one CTA. I agree with the concept there, but it Google doesn’t we’re screwed.



I’m still waiting… but I did find this article today that gives some more specifics about the information policy disclosure mentioned above:…