Adwords Conversion Tracking - Multiple Accounts


I’m wondering if it’s possible to have conversion tracking from multiple adwords accounts on a single landing page and if that will accurately track results.

My company’s adwords setup is that each branch has it’s own individual adwords account (inefficient I know, but it’s split due to billing reasons). I currently have landing pages created that are branch specific, but several of them are generic enough that they could be applied to multiple branches.

Can I have 6+ conversion tracking codes on a single landing page or should I keep everything separate like how I currently have it?




Hi Mark!

This should work fine. Although it would be best for you to have a dedicate page per branch, but I see how this could be difficult in some cases.

We’ve had to work with multiple conversion tags on a same landing page before and haven’t had any known issues.



Thanks for the reply Stefano. Much appreciated.



Google also provide MCC account where you can manage all accounts, even you would get many more benefit.