AdWords Call Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager


Has anyone here implemented AdWords Call Conversion Tracking with Google Tag Manager on an Unbounce page using this specific script from LunaMetrics?

If so, how do you adjust it for multiple phone number instances (all the same number) on the Unbounce same page, some of which are buttons, and others just text links? Any ideas?


Hey @Nicholas,

Based on the linked post, did you try adjusting line 9 of the forwarding tag?

var phoneElement = document.querySelector('a#telNum'); // Find the phone number's HTML element



I was looking into this a few weeks ago.

The LumaMetrics guide is from 2016. Google has updated the tracking code quite a bit since then.

I was never able to figure out how to migrate to the new code and place it in GTM. I decided to stick with the old snippet that I load through Unbounce’s global script manager.

If you figure out how to load it in GTM, make sure to set the priority high. Since the script edits a visible part of the page (unlike other tags), it should be loaded as soon as possible.