Advice for Google Ads for Roofing & Roof Repair?

Has anybody ran a successful Google Ads campaign for Roofing or Roof Repair? With the high CPC I am struggling to get an ROI positive campaign. Conversion rates for form fills are about 7%, but with CPC of $20~ the cost/conv is around $400~.

Any advice to make this a success or anybody had experience with this before in terms of either Landing Pages or Google Ads.

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Reinforce to the client the avg value of their jobs.

  • Analyze the time between lead submission and contact by roofer.
  • Audit form fields, do you need em all?
  • Does your form submission include scheduling of estimates/site visits?
  • Do you track calls?
  • Test an offer or download
  • Try simulation stuff or video on landing page

I did commercial and residential roofing for several years in my 20s, and started marketing in that industry.

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Hey @Cameron_R , in our last campaign of So, You Think You Can Convert, our recipient ran an insulation campaign and the participants shared their approach to help generate a higher CR%. While insulation and roofing aren’t the exact same, you might be able to pull some insights from the summary post.

For example, @Nicholas shared a great breakdown for his conversion audit:

  • Message Clarity
  • Offer Relevance
  • Design and Affinity
  • Social Influence
  • Trust and Security
  • Unique Advantage
  • Call to Action
  • Interaction
  • Speed
  • Display

:point_right: Here’s the full summary

It’s tricky to speak to the low conversion rates without seeing the page, but hopefully this gives you something to consider.


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If you can share the page, we can likely give you some more helpful feedback.