Adjusting margins in mobile view



I am working on a project that has large margins in the mobile view. How can I adjust these, they will not move manually for me? Here is my page

Rose L


Hi Rosemarie!

Thanks for reaching out! I took a peek at your page, and am I right in guessing you’re wanting the bands to stretch across the page?

If this is what you’re trying to achieve, you’re going to want to click on that section in your mobile view, and in Background settings, click on Advanced Settings, and check Stretch background to page edges.

Let me know how that works out! :relaxed:

How can I delete left and right margin on my mobile version?

That helped alot, I have another question about mobile view we have a faded image overlay behind the form and to match this on mobile I have to strect the image very large. I am seeing in some mobile devices that the mask is not being held and the overlap of the image is showing. Is it possible that i can crop this image for mobile and use it on mobile and not in the desktop version?


You can definitely achieve this. What I would suggest is cropping the image to the dimensions that you’d like to have displayed on your mobile page and upload is separately.

In the page builder, when you’re adding an element that you only want to display on your mobile and not your desktop (and vice versa), you simply hide the image that you don’t want to show up. Here’s a gif to explain what I mean:

This way you can hide elements that you don’t want to appear on a particular version of your page.

Let me know if that helps :relaxed:


oh that’s great news, I was creating styles in mobile queries to do that