Additional form fields in the confirmation message


Is it possible to add additional form fields in the confirmation message and have that data sent as part of the original data?

Or is it possible to send people to two different “thank you” landing pages based on the state of a checkbox. In his case the form-data would have to be sent to the thank you page and from there the form data be placed in the right place.

Anyone with experience on this?


Hi Sigurd - It’s not possible to add additional fields to your confirmation dialog. You could redirect people to different thank you standalone pages  based on a checkbox answer using some custom javascript, but the form data would be captured on the single main page.

Can you give me some more detail on what your marketing funnel looks like?


My customer have a partnership with some insurance companies. If the customers also choose to order a product from the insurance company, they will get a discount from my customer…

If they choose to buy from the insurance company aswell… aditional fields is required… But we dont want the fields list to get too long…


Would it be possible to replicate the form on a thank you page and pre-fill some of the fields on the thank you page with information form the landing page?

That would perhaps solve the issue as long as there is a possibility that I can send the user to two different landing pages… One for those that want to buy the insurance deal and one for those who dont…


Hi Sigurd - Sorry for the delayed reply.

You can make multistep forms (we have more on that here), but Unbounce can’t direct a form to two different thank you pages.

You could use a 3rd party form software like Wufoo or 123ContactForm, both of which provide forms with logic built in. The lead info would collect with the form provider, but you can still count conversions in Unbounce with a 3rd party form using our External Conversion Tracking.


Ok, thank for your support Quinn.

Guess I have to work on a workaround… :slight_smile:


Is it possible to have two buttons on one form, both collecting the same data and leading to the same thank you page?

My idea is to send customers through a multistep form and on the second landingpage have the two options - Yes, I accept the offer and - no thanks.

Assuming I need the customer to click on a button to actually send in the form and get the order on the second landing page…


Hi Sigurd - you can’t have two buttons for the same form, but if you are leading to the same thank-you page and want to collect the same data, would something like a checkbox work for you? You could have that check and have copy like “Check Yes to accept the offer”


Hello Quinn!

How do i set up the first step landing page to sendt the order form via mail, and the second step landing page to send all fields to a second e-mail?

I know I have set this before, but can’t seem to find it again… x)


Sorry, I found it again right after sending the last message…

Typical… :slight_smile:



Problem solved!