Adding sticky sidebar


Hi guys,
thank you for your time in advance.

I am trying to create sticky sidebar inside of unbounce for one of my pages.
So far, it seems this is hopless task. So, for sticky sidebar, I would need to use position:fixed, but then - depending on resolution I have to change value for “left” attribute. I can fix it for one resolution, but if it changes, it will look bad.
Is there a way of doing it ?

Here is a simple example of what I need:…

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This is a really smart way to implement this, Kenji! Most sidebars I’ve seen are thinner and slide in/out. This one is laid out very clearly with a constant fixed position. It’s a little unconventional, but it definitely works! 


Hey Bryce, 

I have a fixed sidebar on my landing page made on unbounce. I know the different resolutions can be a huge problem so I just made one position that kind off fix properly on all sizes. 

Check it out: 

Maybe its not perfect but its converting!  I just set a fixed box, left:auto and height:100% 

I think unbounce should support more layout types. So far for me sidebars converts way more than other layout because I have the main action always visible.