Adding Sticky Bar ogether with a sticky header - adding styles to page

new here, havent found answer to this in the forum, but if there is one feel free to redirect me there :wink:

Adding a Sticky Bar to my own page that already have a sticky header:

  • Expected behaviour:
    The node that unbounce inserts is adding a styles tag that moves my whole page down 100px.
    Like this:
<div class="ub-emb-bar ...">
    html body {margin-top: 100px !important; }  

Whenever the user closes the StickyBar, the styles tag is deleted together with the StickyBar div and the whole page is moving up to its default place.

  • What I get:
    The styles tag is moving everything EXCEPT my own sticky header. So it is left behind the Sticky Bar that overlaps it. That’s beacuse <header> has {position:fixed}

  • What I need:
    is to add some styles at the same level that moves also my header. Like this

<div class="ub-emb-bar ...">
    html body { margin-top: 100px !important; }  
    header { margin-top: 100px !important; }

The only way I find to add some styling is INSIDE the iframe, and this would never apply to the parent page header.
I cannot add these changes to my own styling because it should only apply whenever the StickyBar is visible.

  • only quick and dirty solution I’ve found:
    Adding a new styles tag to the StickBar element through js from Google TagManager
    It is working correctly, but it feels as a very very nasty hack

So finally:

  • Question:
    Is there any way to add this styling outside the iframe (but inside the sticky-bar element)?

thanks for reading through all of this!