Adding multiple widget scripts to a single page


Hi, I have 5 identical scripts to be added to 1 page.  The scripts differ by different address locations.  (The scripts are widgets to book an appointment time online).  When I have 1 script on the page it looks fine.  But when adding 2 or more something is going wrong.  Please have a look at this page and see if you discover an issue!! Thanks so much.


Hi Kevin, 

It seems that the problem might lie with the provider of the widget. Either:

  • The provider of the widget doesn’t allow more than one instance of the booking widget to be loaded per page

  • Your initialization of the script breaks it. Trying to load it in 5 separate instances using the same method/id. 

The initialization is buggy and that’s a problem for the provider of the widget. 

I would start trouble shooting this by reaching out to the provider of the widget and making sure you can call the script 5 times from the same page.