Adding Meta Tags to Unbounce Page


I’m using unbounce to create my home page for a website, which I’d like to create an email for through gmail. To do so, I need to do copy the meta tag below, but is it possible to add metatags to an unbounce page?

Copy the meta tag below and paste it inside the section of your homepage ( The tag should go between the and tags, before the tag.


Hi Christopher,

Adding meta tags is pretty easy. First of all, if you’re just looking for Title, Keywords or Description, you can add that data in the Page Properties tab without touching any HTML.

If you have other tags to insert, you can add them by clicking JavaScripts in the bottom left, selecting Head for the placement and pasting them into the box. Please note, you’ll have to make this change on any page or variant you’d like the tags to show up on.

Let me know if this works for you.