Adding latest tweet -- trouble using ability to insert script -- tech god needed


wanting to insert one-line text element of my latest tweet – have tried various methods, but unable to get working. Wondering if i am doing anything wrong with where i place the ‘script’???

Thank you, any help, much appreciated.


Hi - Kim here. Have you tried the HTML code box? I am able to put scripts in there. You will not be able to see the element in the editing mode – just the gray placeholder box for script. But you can position it wherever you want. When you preview you will see the script executed.

You may also use jQuery scripts by putting them in as Scripts. Change the dropdown when you add to new script to add the script in the document head.

If you use jQuery you need to also include a call to the jQuerylibrary. There is a box you can check when you have the Scripts tab open, on the left, bottom. Unbounce will include the a version of the jQuery library if you check the box, or if you need a more recent version you can just include it yourself with the script tag.

You can use the jQuery to style elements by referring to their Unbounce assigned id’s, show them, hide them, move them around. Between the HTML code box and jQuery you can do just about anything.

Happy programming!


Nope, none of this working, have tried various scripts and ways to insert.

Thank you Brede.

Would massively appreciate some additional support.



Hey Alexander - can you link me to the twitter widget you’re trying to embed on the page? I’d be glad to have a look to see if I can get this sorted out for you.


Hi Ryan, thank you for your help. I’m too keep to use any particular widget; anything that will get me a single, text, one line output of my latest tweet–there are many scripts available to implement this, most look incredibly simple, just have not had any that seem to load when I preview my page – perhaps you could have a quick play, see if you can get one working – this must be something people would want to do, I imagine.

Many thanks,