Adding dynamic character counter for a form field?


Hi guys,

I’m looking to take some data captured in a form and merge into some auto emails. Where I’m running into an issue is that we can only merge in a maximum of 255 characters before the data appears cut off in the auto emails.

Is there anything I can do using some custom workarounds to add a character counter next to the field in question? This would help us communicate that there is a limit and how close they are to that limit.

I envisage it working by starting at ‘0/255’ then as they type the counter increases by the number of characters in the field. Or simply a counter that starts at 255 and decreases as they type.

I’d really appreciate any help you can offer!



Hi Rob, 
This is an interesting request! We don’t have any official instructions on how to do this, but after searching on the web for a bit I was able to find this javascript that seems to do what you’re looking for. Go ahead and give that a whirl, be sure to let us know if it works for your needs. :) 


Amazing, thank you very much for your help Justin! That’s perfect.


Happy to help, Rob! :)