Adding Adjusted Bounce Rate Code


We have the same google analytics tracking code on our unbounce pages that we do on our main website, which is causing our bounce rate to be inflated.

Therefore I would like to add the adjusted bounce rate code in my google analytics script to make it so if a user is on the page more than 30 seconds an event is triggered, therefore not counting the visit as a bounce.

I have the code and know where I need to put it but I cant seem to find a way to edit the Google Analytics code in my script manager.

Any help?


Hi Joe,

Sorry I certainly can’t help you with that - someone else may chime in and give you a solution - however I wonder whether there might be another way to approach this.

It may be more fruitful for you to adjust this in Google Analytics ‘Views’. The following would be available to you ;

  • Set up a view that filters out all traffic to your unbounce landing pages.
  • Set up a view that ONLY includes traffic to your unbounce landing pages.

Then effectively you will have 3 views - an ‘All Web Site Data’ view with all traffic in there, and then the two above.

This should help you monitor metrics as aggregate and also by filter.

Hope that helps - let me know if that resonates.




Hey Joe,

I noticed you are using the Unbounce Google Analytics script in the Script Manager. Unfortunately this script is not user editable.

There are still some workarounds:

  1. Access a page that has the GA script from the Page Builder. Click the Javascripts button and you should see the GA script code in the editor. The code here is not editable, but you could choose to copy and paste the code. Amend it with your bounce rate code. Then create a new custom script manager script with the new code.

  2. Use the recommendation above by Amit Zala. Separating sections of a site, or in this case the landing pages in GA can be beneficial for measuring and metrics.

Hope this helps,
Brian Pearce