Adding accordion sections to a page for FAQs

Yes, that’s a familiar problem, since the heights of the sections in Unbounce are based on an absolute height.
There were a couple of other issues, that’s why I decided to build a good FAQ menu fitted for Unbounce. You can find the FAQ menu here.

Hi do you mind sharing step by step process to make this works ?

Yes, in order to make the accordion menu work you:

  1. Paste the content of Javascript-Accordion.js into the Unbounce Javascript tab.
  2. Paste the code from Stylesheet-Accordion.css in the Unbounce CSS editor.
  3. Paste the FAQ content into the ‘Embed Custom HTML Code’ block in Unbounce.

That’s it

Hi is there any way to make the accordion box responsive to the length of the text? Some answers are longer than others and there is a lot of empty space for the shorter answers.

Hi there, it doesn’t show up at my page.

Hey! Not sure if this is still active, but should this code be functioning on mobile? It’s working smoothly on my desktop view, but only displays a plain text version on mobile. I saw someone else asked the same thing but I don’t think it was answered so I figured I’d check. Thank you either way, it’s super useful!

Yes, we managed to solve the issue. The solutions work when following the tutorial step by step.