Adding a second form to a landing page



Apart from my current form to get people to sign up for an appointment, I would also like to add another little form in the end. The idea is to tell them that if you are not sure if this service is for you, then please share your details and down this file meant to help you understand more. Any ideas on how to do this? The issue here is that I need this to be on the landing page itself.

Thanks for all your help in advance 


Hi Snehaa,

It’s not possible to have two forms on one page, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as there are a few possible workarounds to get this done for you.

  1. Create a second stand alone Unbounce landing page with just a form in it and then load that into the Unbounce native lightbox feature, allowing them to click a button and fill in the form ready for the download

  2. Create an HTML form and embed it using the custom HTML block functionality that’s part of the page builder.

  3. Setup a mailchimp (or similar) account and embed the form into a custom HTML block or load it into a lightbox, this will enable you to build a list by collecting email addresses then either make the form available for download on a thank you page or send it as part of the autoresponder series. This also gives you the chance to make  sure people confirm their email address by clicking a verification link and continue to email market them. I bet you can guess from my reply that this is my preferred method. The value of list building is never to be underestimated.

There are tweaks and details that will depend on your setup, lead tracking etc to take into consideration but those are your quick workarounds. 

I hope that’s of some help,

Feel free to ping back if you need any more advice.




Thanks Stuart! This helps a great deal. Using the lightbox feature makes the most sense to me. Would you be able to share with a resource on how to set this up? I currently don’t see the lightbox option on my page builder.



There was an open beta to get that feature right now… but after looking at the thread it is closed. The feature is amazing and I have no doubt that it will be released into the page editor soon.

For the time being Stuart’s #2 option is probably the easiest.

Good luck.