Adding a 'return to start' function on a form


I’ve recently added a landing page for a signing in via our iPad in the office for when people visit. However, when someone inputs their details and the form is submitted, it remains on the last field. (I’m using the multi-step form javascript)
Is there some sort of code that will reset the form to the first field, rather than the user having to manually return using the ‘previous’ button


You should be able to use the scrollTop method ( from JQuery to accomplish this. There are also other methods.

If you’d like this to occur after a user has completed the form, you might be able to check for a formSubmit action, or an ID or class being present that is only there on the second “step” of the form. I can look into this if you send me a link to your page.

I hope that gives you a place to start.


I’m wondering how I can do this as well. We’re also using a multi-step form, and I want it to go back to the beginning after someone submits. I feel if we leave it at the last step after someone receives the form confirmation, we’ll get a lot of duplicate submissions.

Here is the landing page: