Add UTM tags to confirmation page URL?


Is it possible to add a variable from the form into the Go to URL confirmation page? For example, the form collects a email address and when they hit submit the GO TO URL confirmation page looks something like this:[…


Hi David - you sure can! You just need to select “Go to another webpage” as your form confirmation action then enable “Append form data to URL”. You can see find more specific information for setting this up in Unbounce Answers at….


Hi, thanks, this is good to know. Doesn’t solve my exact need as I need to put a specific utm_custom[email] and this would just post the variables without letting me customize the way it does it.

I found that wufoo let’s me do what is needed so would be an area of integrating a wufoo form.



Ah, I see now. Sorry about the confusion there David. Glad to hear that WuFoo is able to provide the form functionality you need in this case.


Is there anyway to setup UTM params across all links on the page, so we don’t have to go around dropping query params on all the links manually?  


Nothin’ a little custom code can’t fix!

I believe you can tweak this code from AddThis to your needs.