Add Setting to make Unbounce Pages Automatically Load HTTPS Version


It would be nice to have a setting added to Unbounce to automatically redirect visitors to the https version.

For example, try visiting and you will automatically be redirected to the https version.

This matters for Unbounce because your customers, me included, often publish landing page URLs in offline media (print publications, outdoor advertisements, radio, etc.)

In those offline marketing channels, there’s no way to ensure that landing page visitors all visit the secure Unbounce page. For example, if I run a radio ad that tells listeners to visit - I can’t really tell them to type in “https://” on the radio, and the audience wouldn’t do it anyway.  Instead they’ll just type in the web address without the https, and thus get the non-secured page.

I’ve been able to get the desired customer experience using a script posted by Will Christiansen on this post:

But this would be a great new feature to add.

Thanks for your consideration!



Hey Robb, what I’ve done in the past to get round this is set up a page a redirect from my actual website that redirects to the Unbounce page - see

Probably isn’t the best way but it works.


Thanks Rebecca.  I see what you mean. I may have to start doing that.

Note: when I clicked your link above, it redirected me to a non-secure page:

PS- nice looking landing page!  One thought - almost any text on the form button will drive more conversions than the word “submit”. :slight_smile:   (more on this topic: )

Thanks again for the great suggestion. :slight_smile:


Thanks Robb! That is really useful, thanks. I’m going to a/b test that!

Interesting blog, we are finding that the whole long form vs short form test isn’t making a statistically significant difference for us.


the only way to go with this is to set a redirect via JavaScript. please confirm.