Add 'Reset Leads' Feature




Note: This post was changed from a Question to an Idea to make the request a bit clearer. This also gives us more visibility into which ideas are gaining traction in the community as well. 


I would like also suggest the ability to remove poor/spam leads or separate them from the good ones. Than, we can measure how much effective our landing page has been not mixing with poor data.



Add our company to this request. It’d be nice to be able to clear test leads.






Add my voice too. +1


This request as been waiting 3 years now… pretty disappointing!


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I’ve done a lot of testing and would like to clear the list of leads in the view leads page. Is there a way to do that?


Hi everyone! 

After chatting with my UI/UX team, I just wanted to chime in and ask if you would prefer to have a ‘Reset Leads’ feature, or a way to individually delete leads one by one. The thought process is that sometimes you might receive faulty leads, or duplicate leads that would require deletion on a one-off basis. This would also be able to clear the test leads (one by one) as well, which would essentially ‘reset’ them. 

If you would rather this level of granularity in removing your leads, be sure to  ‘me too’  the idea here:


A individually delete leads feature would be 100% AWESOME! 










I think anything that you can add like this would be very helpful. I’m personally not fussy. Individual delete leads sounds great. I’d just like to see this feature added. Thanks :slight_smile:


4 years and still you guys haven’t worked on getting this? So many +1s here.


Deleting 1 by 1 would work.


+1. How is this not yet a thing? Removing leads is essential functionality for any form that is in the wild. Duplicating is not a realistic solution when you’ve been sending out the URL in emails.


Hi guys,

any update on this feature? +1 for this definitely