Add 'Reset Leads' Feature


I have put a form on a landing page as part of a competition. We have tested this internally to review how leads appear, but now I want to clear those ‘test’ leads. I have reset the stats on the page overview but the leads are all still visible. Does anyone know how I can reset the leads? Thanks!!


If this sparks the creation of a ‘Reset Leads’ button, please make it per variant and not for the whole page, as I create and then demote variants for each months campaign, allowing me to keep a record of each months results. This could lead to accidentally deleting a lot of campaign results.


Hey there, so sorry, but we don’t currently have a way of doing this. We are planning on adding this feature, but I can’t offer a timeline as of yet. I know this is a bit of a hassle, but as a workaround, you could duplicate your page (which doesn’t duplicate stats or leads), unpublish your old one, and then publish the copy at the same URL. Hope that helps!


Just putting in my request for this feature. It is always a hassle cleaning up bad leads or leads we already pulled down.


I would like to add my voice to this request. Thank You.


I would like to add my name to this request as well. I think this is a major oversight especially since MailChimp encourages its users to test out the settings for their landing pages and their forms.


Yes, strange oversight. Of course I’m going to test the landing pages, and that means leaving fake “leads”. And of course I would like to delete them before the landing page goes live.


Please allow this.






Another vote for this feature…




This would be a great feature to have.






Why is this not out yet? It’s been 2 years…


Hey David,

The reason this hasn’t been deployed yet is because we’re currently working on a few big projects, such as Mobile Responsive and SSL. Once we’re able to get these off of our plate, we plan on tackling stats and reporting in general via a complete restructure.

I can’t give you an exact timeline of when that will happen, or open up any specific details about it, but I can let you know that we’re aware of the need for it. It’s becoming more and more apparent that reporting can be just as important as testing itself. If our customers are seeing success, we want to give them the tools to report on that - so we hear you loud and clear.

Thanks for the feedback here, David!