Add guidelines to the builder


I think this feature would be a simple and yet very handy for developers.

Just like in Photoshop where you can add horizontal and vertical guides to help with aligning things and having things snap to guides.

I say it’s simple since I am assuming much of the api from the “sections” feature can be ported over.


Hi Ryan,

This feature is one we’ve had on our backlog for quote some time, it’s just been pushed down while we’ve been working on features like Script Manager and Mobile Responsive. We’ll be looking at updating the builder in the near future and this will likely be considered as part of that project.

If you don’t mind me asking, do the green guidelines that appear when moving content help you? Would you find guidelines primarily useful for the initial laying out of content or more as a reassurance that you’ve got everything aligned correctly?


I would say both.

I find the current guides don’t actually snap very well right now and I’m triple checking to make sure everything is aligned. But I’m also using them for layout to speed up design.

Hope that helps. I really wish this would be higher priority. Isn’t an easy addition? It seems like everything is in place already with the api.


The green lines work sometimes and others they don’t show up when moving objects so I can’t see if my content is lined up properly. Guidelines would really help.


Will you guys be adding the basic alignment feature like in all other editors? 

align left, center, right
align top, mid, bottom
distribute horizontally, vertically

It’s hard and frustrating to align all manually.