Add GeoIP location automatically to a hidden form field?

Yeah check out this page here (WIP)

I’ve tried putting the script on just the page itself, on the page and the popup, and just the popup, and none of them work.

I can’t access that page:

Sorry -

Needed www

It doesn’t look like the MaxMind script is installed right now.
And looking that the popup code I can’t see why this should not be working. It would need some customization though. Have you tried it?

No I was using the script mentioned in this post: [How-to] Use Geotargeting to Display a Visitors Location on a Page

Ah. Ok. That one I can’t help you with.

I got it to work! I had an error in the case of my script. I was using cityField but it should have been cityfield. Working now! Thanks for your help

Hi Justin,

I am having difficulties to pass the value to a hidden field on my pop-up, are you still using the same script in 2021?

Thanks in advance,