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My client uses helvetica neue light and I would like to be able to use this font in a landingpage for my client.

How do I add the font to Unbounce?

Best regards
Claus Loretnzen


Hey Claus!

Usually, I’d recommend embedding your font via Adobe Typekit or Google if you need to use additional fonts that Unbounce doesn’t provide.

However, it looks like Helvetica Neue Light isn’t available on either platform. Don’t worry though! The good news is you should be able to use @font face. Take a look at the guide below, you might find it helpful in what your trying to achieve.…

Combining the link above with something like Font Squirrel should be do the trick.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lou.

Thank you for your answer. It looks though as if neither of these links can give me any help regarding helvetica neue. But I know that I can buy the font at Adobe Fonts for 30 dollars so that will be the solution.
Can you please tell me how I add the font to Unbounce after I have bought the license?

Best regards
Claus Lorentzen


Hi Claus!

You’ll need to use @font face if you want to use Helvetica Neue Light in Unbounce. We don’t support it natively, but it can be done. If you haven’t used @font face before, take a look at the above links they should be helpful in getting started!

If you have any trouble with @font face you can contact our awesome customer success team at support[at]unbounce[dot]com.


Ok, thank you so much for your help so far.
One last question; where do I upload the .otp file in Unbounce?

As far as I can see I will need to upload the font file in to Unbounce and then make the CSS, or am I wrong?

Best regards

Claus Lorentzen


Hi Claus!

I’m sorry if I wasn’t more clear. Unbounce currently doesn’t allow you to upload and host .otp or .eot files. If you want to use font face, you’ll have to host the files on your own servers and then add the CSS in the Unbounce page builder in the CSS button.
For example, it would look something like:

/*========= LANGUAGE EN =========*/ <br /> /*
*/ <br /> /*===============================* <br /> /* Generated by Font Squirrel ( on November 29, 2011 */ <br /><br /> @font-face { <br />
  font-family: 'banda-regular-normal'; <br />
  src: url('"path-to-the-font-file/bandana_regular-webfont.eot'); <br /> } <br /> .....etc <br />

Once again, sorry if I wasn’t more clear!


Hi again.

I tried to follow your answer, but I does not seem to be working, it says invalid. So what am i doing wrong?
I have tried to type inn the css below, can you please tell me what I am doing wrong or what the CSS is missing?

@font-face {
font-family: ‘helvetica Neue’;
src:“…; }

Sorry for my ignorance:(


Hey Claus - Helvetica is a licensed font that you likely need to purchase for web use.

Uploading it to google drive won’t work in this case either as you need to serve it from a server where you can specify the headers to allow the font to be used externally. This is why solutions such as Google Webfonts are great alternatives as they are already hosted and free to use.

That said Helvetica is already installed in nearly all Mac computers so you should be able to just call it from the customer locally. For windows users you can call a similar font such as Arial.

Hope that helps Claus!


Hi there, how about integration? They are similar to Typekit and we have a large brand that has to use Helvetica Neue, not Helvetica and we want to recommend Unbounce. Any progress on this front? 


It looks like they support  CSS@font-face so I imagine that this would be a similar integration to the Typekit method no?…


Hi J.P., 

You should be able to use the CSS @font-face method without any issue. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone - how would I format the src to call a font file from my own computer (Mac OSX) as all the examples here reference URLs instead of fonts on the computer. 

(trying to call Montserrat from my font folder)


If I use seperate public dropbox links for each eot/ttf/svg file should that work?


Hi Samuel, 

By using Dropbox, you’ll run into the same problem as the one Johnny mentioned above in regards to using Google Drive - you can’t modify the headers/.htaccess and that would cause rendering issues on some browsers. 


The problem with @font-face on external URL - cross-domain font-face loading is not allowed in modern browsers by security reasons.


So we can’t use fonts hosted on another server due to modern browser security restrictions. Is it possible to upload custom fonts to Unbounce–yes or no?


Unbounce guys, we  really need this to be possible


Still no fix on this issue?