Add Facebook Like button


How do I add a Facebook Like button? I am sure this is a noob question but I cannot figure it out


Hey Gordon,
Here are the steps to add a like button to your page:

  1. Go visit…
  2. Add the URL of your Unbounce landing page
  3. Set up the rest of the parameters you’d like (such as width, show faces, “Like” vs “Recommend” text
  4. Click “Get Code” to grab the javascript
  5. Now transition to your Unbounce page in the editor and click on the page section you want to embed the button in
  6. Click the “Custom HTML” button in the editor toolbar (top)
  7. Paste the code you got from Facebook
  8. Resize the Custom HTML component on the page so that it’s big enough to encapsulate the widget
  9. Preview the page to see it in action

For an example, you can see it working on our latest contest page (which you’ve entered - good luck!) - just mentioning for context.

There are a bunch of other cool Facebook widgets you can embed available from the same section of their site.

Let me know how you get on, and feel free to share you page on here when it’s done if you’d like others to check it out.



I tried that with the iframe. It just showed up as a grey box. I will try it with xfbml now. Also, could not get the twitter tweet this box to work either. I am clearly doing something wrong…


You won’t need an iframe, just the “Custom HTML” component. For the FB like button.

The Twitter “Tweet This” box is a little more complex as it requires that you set up an application with Twitter. Here’s a guide to doing that:…

If you send me your page URL (the crazy long one when you are in the page overview page with the A/B test center etc.) I’ll take a look.


Thanks ! I didn’t know where to put the code.
9 steps it’s cool for me, I’m far from being a geek :wink:
Unbounce is terrific ! I Love it, I am one of your most active french support :wink:
Keep doing a great job



Forgive the ignorance Oli.

I attempted the steps. Here is the code I got from facebook for the button.

pasted into the custom HTML tool, won’t work.

Please help


Hi Darryl,
I looked at your pages and counldn’t see one that had any Facebook components on it.
Can you email oli (at) with a link to the page you’re working on?
(The internal Unbounce URL that will look like this -… ) - you can get it from the address bar of the page overview screen or when you are editing the page.