Add Check Box Option to Form


Add a checkbox to the form page. I like the fact that I can add additional text fields. But I’d really like a checkbox item (i.e check here if you want to review additional updates etc)


Hi Peter,
Checkboxes are definitely on the radar - in our next release (early next week) we’ll be adding the ability to use select boxes which can hopefully let you do the same thing for now…

e.g.: “Would you like to review additional updates?” [yes] or [no]


I’m using Unbounce for data capture to help learn from my customers, so checkboxes, radio buttons and other form elements like sliders would be useful. I also think they would help make forms seem less daunting than loads of drop-down boxes, so these are likely to improve conversion.


Happy to let you know that the latest deploy of Unbounce includes the ability to add checkboxes and radio buttons to your forms.

We will keep improving our form functionality as we move forward but hopefully this small step will make everyone’s life much easier / better!