Add Captcha to Form to Limit Spam Submissions



How do I integrate captcha functionality on an unbounce form?

We want to set up some registration forms, but they have to follow best practice which mean we need a captcha on the form.

I know there are plenty of different ones out there. The only mention of this was 7 months ago on the suggestion board but not much follow up is there.



Hi there! Captcha is definitely something we’d like to add support for. Do you have any favorite providers at all? Also, we’re looking to integrate Wufoo fairly soon, and they do support captcha. Would that work for you?


Hi Carl,

Check out

These guys are smart - branding with captcha forms. You should look into a solution like theirs.



That’d be awesome. The traditional captchas are getting pretty hard to deal with sometimes as well. This looks like it would be easier for users…


Very interesting business those guys are building - the user experience side of me has big red flags about user bounce rates though. They talk about how consumers ignore most banner advertisements these days, but then they propose to use banner ads as an integral part of your signup/leadgen forms - I’d predict a drop in conversions even if it takes less time to fill out. But… therein lies the beauty of AB testing!


I’d prefer captcha support directly in the unbounce forms, rather than having to go through another tool.

I don’t have any particular favourite captcha in mind, so long as it doesn’t take 6 refreshes to get a readable one!


I thought it was just me, but lately I’ve been finding I can’t decipher a lot of CAPTCHAs. I have to think this has a real impact on conversion rates…


I’m starting to notice spam in my form conversions, and while it’s not overwhelming at the moment, the option to implement a captcha would be nice if things start to spiral out of control.


I too have been getting spam and an integrated native unbounce captcha would be great. I dont want to use yet another 3 party app.


Any update on this topic? I’d like to integrate CAPTCHA into our unbounce forms.


Is there a captcha javascript or something that we could add to our forms until you get the functionality in Unbounce? Spam is coming in more and more.


We are receiving quite a lot of spam through our forms. We’d love to have a CAPTCH as a feature.


We are receiving a lot of spam via our forms on our landing pages. A captcha would be a great feature.


We’re getting spam almost daily. I would love to be able to use captcha to reduce this.


I have many clients ready to deactivate their pages because a CAPTCHA is needed. Receiving almost 10 spam emails per day is not something we or our clients need to deal with.

In almost 4 years of talk about this, isn’t it time Unbounce implements a solution??


Hi Shelley and everyone else - We don’t have native captcha support ready, but we are just about ready to roll out a new 3rd party integration that not only allows for captchas, but also makes it so those captchas show up dynamically the second time the same IP tries to fill out a form–really cool stuff!

Unlike embedding other forms, this integration will utilize our API, so the data will write straight into your Unbounce lead database as well!

We’re just finishing up testing, but we hope to have everything ready to roll out soon. We’ll update this thread when we know more.


Looking forward to this as I have noticed a marked increase in spam to my landing pages


Hi All - just wanted to update to say that 123 Contact Forms has built an integration, so their forms can now write leads into your Unbounce view leads section and also capture a conversion.

In addition to form logic, file uploads, and a few other neat things, this will allow you to add a captcha to your form. You can read more about the integration they built here:…

A word of warning, as captcha’s can sometimes negatively affect your conversion rate, but if you are experiencing a lot of spam on your page, it should do the job.

We’re also working on better spam filtering right now. So, when we roll that out, you should see a reduction in spam as well (I’ll make sure I update here when that’s ready to release).


Just like many other users, I am looking forward to the new feature provided by unbounce to sieve out the unwanted spams. Don’t really want to use an external software as form submission should be a fairly basic and fundamental feature on unbounce.


Wait, what? Did you just say ‘file upload’, did I read that correctly?