Add anchor text


After reviewing the previous 4 questions to this and following directions, I wasn’t able to add an anchor text link within the same page.

I tried adding an anchor to where I wanted my link to go and then added a link to that anchor and still didn’t work. I looked at the html and everything looked correct but for some reason it’s still not working.


To further expand on this question. Within a sub section of the page, I’m able to see an anchor name if I create it, but in another sub section (on the same page), I’m not able to see it. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance, Mark.


Hi Mark,

There is a short coming of the text editor we are using. It only show anchor links that are in the same block of text. If you want to link to an anchor in another text block you will need to enter it manually.

While in the text editor’s Link dialog box, rather than clicking on the tab labelled “Anchor” just leave it on the tab labelled “Link Info”. Choose “” from the Protocol drop down menu then enter the name of your anchor prepended with a hash symbol (#). So if your anchor is called “down_here” then you would enter “#down_here” in the URL text field. (without the quotes)

Hope this helps.

If you continue to have a problem please send a request to with a link to your page so we can have a look.




Got it! Thanks Justin, you the man.

For others with the same problem (hopefully its not just me), choose the protocol: (http://) and type in your anchor name with the hash symbol.


After further review, it automatically changes the http:// to “other”.

Thanks again Justin. Big help.


to “other”