Add a field for PDF attachment in the forms

Hi there,

I’d like to know if there is a way to customize my form to add a mandatory field for candidates to upload their CV - pdf (and then add this attachment to email integration, dropbox or anywhere I could download it).

If anyone use unbounce forms for recruitement purpose, I can’t wait to hear you!


Hi @Tanguy!

Great question. Right now Unbounce’s native forms do not have a feature built into them to support a file upload (it’s just not something that is built into them right now - plus we don’t have a dedicated storage space for the files your potential leads would be uploading) however this can definitely be accomplished using a third party form.

Formstack, Wufoo, and Jotform are all strong picks that we see Unbounce customers experiment with time to time. So you could build the body of your landing page with Unbounce and then manage your lead data (with their file uploads) in the form tool you decide to use.

With that said, this is something we’re hoping to implement into Unbounce’s native forms soon! Perhaps some of the other folks in the community will have some other ideas you can try too. :slight_smile:

Hi @Tanguy,

As @Alex_O mentioned, you have a couple of options: 1) use a 3rd party form or 2) make modifications to the current form by adding custom JS/CSS to accept file uploads.

However, with the 2nd option, you’ll also need your own server where you would keep the uploaded files.

At the end of the day, in 99% of the cases it would be easier and cheaper to go with option 1.


Thanks Alex & Hristian for your answers!

@Hristian, actually the 2 options could fit in my case as I have my own server; however if the set up process is really easier with a 3rd party form I’ll go for that option.

Do you have some tutorial or “standard” JS/CSS for option 1?

If you are going for option 1 - 3rd party form builder, you don’t need any JS/CSS.

You’ll style the form the way you like through whatever platform you chose and after that just embed it as per their instructions.

I meant for option 2 sorry

Hi @Tanguy,

I don’t have an example to share since all of these when we’ve done it in the past for clients have been custom coded for the particular use case and tech stack.

Generally speaking, you’ll have to add the upload field with the corresponding JS/CSS. You’ll have to probably use a JS library to help you here. After that adjust the position of the field with CSS and implement any other necessary edits like requiring the field, etc.


Good insight, thanks for the help!

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