Accessing the email from a clickthrough to the form


The client is sent a email.
They clickback to the unbounce form
We put the email into the email field

Is there any sample code to show this being done in Unbounce


Hi David - you can autofill Unbounce form fields by adding URL parameters to the link in your email, but whether you’re able to do that dynamically or not will depend on the email program you’re using.

Unbounce form fields will autofill with the value of a URL parameter anytime the parameter name matches our Unbounce field name (there’s more detail on that here:…).

To dynamically fill in the email (or any other personalized field), your email program needs to support adding that dynamic value.

In MailChimp, for example, there are “merge tags” that correspond to each of your MailChimp fields, so you’re able to add parameter values dynamically using those tags.

In MailChimp then, to send your client’s email through to your form automatically, if the link in your email was “”, you would change that to “*|EMAIL|*”

MailChimp dynamically replaces *|EMAIL|* with the email value it has for your client and as long as your Unbounce field name is also “email”, that value will then get passed into the form when the page loads.

Different email providers should have a similar set-up, the format of the tag they use will just differ slightly.