About the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) category


What is AMP?
The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that makes it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load instantly everywhere. But I like @jcronin’s definition better:

Accelerated Mobile Pages enables blazing-fast page rendering and content delivery on mobile.

Our high-level plan:

Our goal for this first iteration (Alpha) is to: Enable a small group of customers to build click-through AMP pages with Unbounce.

This real-world usage will help us scope and define what our release plan looks like - the AMP solution we’re delivering now is only the start of what we intend to go to market with.

Alpha :point_right: Closed Beta :point_right: Open Beta :point_right: General Availability :point_right: Public Launch

After we complete this work and begin to get some real usage, we’ll be able to better identify the top priority items and continue to work towards a more robust AMP solution with confidence.

We at Unbounce understand the demand for AMP and mobile page speed improvements is very real. Invites to our Alpha will go out in the coming weeks. To start, access will be limited so that we can more easily manage and address issues with focus. Once we iron out the initial kinks, we’ll move to a Closed Beta and open up usage to more participants.

We’re really excited to be kicking off this project and can’t wait to help you build faster, high-converting campaigns!

If you are interested in participating in the earlier phases of Unbounce AMPs, please sign up here. :amp: