Ability to roll-back (undo) revisions if you made a mistake


Keeping a revision history, or allowing the use of cmd+z/cmd+shift+z (ctrl+z/ctrl+y for PC users) would definitely make the overall user experience better as there’s no way apparent to ‘step back’ in the history of edits if you make a mistake.


Hi Bob,
Undo is definitely high on our list - we’re even finding ourselves reaching for cmd+z on occasion when we know it’s not there! Thanks for all the great feedback


Not a problem - glad I can help out - even just a little. An undo button or the ability to use keystrokes would be an amazing power-play for Unbounce and I can’t wait to see it released.


This just bit me… I accidentally deleted a page section, which I though was empty, but actually included the customer testimonial (from the template)… now I have no way of getting it back.


That is awesome! Thanks for all of the hard work and coding that made it possible! :slight_smile:




Wahoo Undo!


i can’t seem to get this to work…am I doing something wrong? trying ctrl+z


Hi Angela, do you see the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons in the toolbar of the editor like this:

Ctrl+z should work as well though (and Command+z on a mac). What browser are you using?


Haa yea I totally missed that! I’m so used to just going for control Z - that didn’t seem to work. But I can get into using the undo and redo buttons. Maybe it’s just not working in Chrome, I didn’t try the other browsers. thanks!!


Redo button DOES NOT work. I undid all my work and couldnt redo any of it


Undo only works for certain changes (skips others)
Browser: Chrome


Hey Sam - we tracked down some issues with undo and are releasing a fix tomorrow. We’ll still be investigating other possible undo/redo bugs but this fix should take care of most issues. If you come across any other undo issues (and can reproduce them – that’s super helpful for us) please let us know.


Sounds great, thanks Ryan.


Undo/Redo is now implemented… finally.