Ability to re-order scripts in scriptmanager


I have run into an issue a couple of times where I need to re-arrange my scripts that are listed in script manager to make sure that they run in the proper order. Currently, there are only a few methods for solving the issue:

  1. Use extensive copying and pasting of scripts, as well as renaming, to get the proper order.

  2. Delete all of the scripts and re-add in the proper order

  3. Add a whole new “grouping” of scripts in the proper order, delete the old scripts and turn on the new ones.

Having a way to simply re-order the scripts would save a great deal of time and headaches.



Hi Kelly,

Thanks for writing. Getting feedback is the best way for us to know whether what we’ve built works and where we need to improve. If I can ask for a few additional details to help me better understand the issue:

  1. What types of scripts are you using that require a specific order to execute properly?

  2. Can you confirm where you are running the majority of the scripts (e.g. before body end tag, after body tag or head)?

  3. How many times have you had to reorder scripts? I can see how having to do this regularly would be annoying!



Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out.

  1. I use scripts that parse the URL and other data within the form, as well as AJAX calls to load form fields. These, and analytics calls which utilize some of this data, have to be used in a specific order. Also, I break them up in to different individual scripts so that each is compartmentalized and easy to follow/update for future employees.

  2. I would say it is a fairly even split, though the AFTER BODY section is probably used the least.

  3. I am on my 3rd reorder in the last month. 1st, when scriptmanager was launched and we did not know that you could not reorder after putting them in. 2nd for replacing our analytics integration. And now I am upgrading some old scripts to work with the new responsive pages. The order slightly changes because I have to have the scripts work with the new pages but also support the legacy pages.



Hi Kelly,

Thank you for the details. I now have a much better understanding of the problem you are facing. This dovetails with an internal discussion I was having with one of our developers regarding the process by which we add scripts to published pages.

I can’t promise an immediate fix, but this information is really invaluable for our understanding. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know and will be sure to keep you apprised of any developments on our side.



have there been any progress on this issue? We also are dealing with this kind of problems, so it would be grateful if we are able to control the order of the scripts.

Thanks in advance,


I’m running into this same issue, we have a few scripts with duplicating functions for basic things because we cannot control the order of the scripts. It would be great to have some control over this.


Any progress in this issue? I can’t believe such a simple, but vital feature is still not being implemented. I need this badly.