Ability to preview specific variants from landing page dashboard


Add ability to ‘preview this variant’ to the Gear dropdown when viewing the landing page dashboard of a single campaign. I know we can hit preview up on the top bar next to the URL, but it’s a simple time-saver.


Yes definitely a great simple idea, I’m actually not sure why this isn’t already in the UI! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve made a new issue for it.


Thanks - simple, yes, but sometimes the simple time-savers are what makes an application that much more valuable to the end-user.


This is still a ‘great simple idea’ - and it’s still a 10 minute fix - and it still isn’t in the product, over 2 years later! Come on - just do it already!


Hi Duncan, this functionality has actually been implemented in a big push of UX and UI improvements that will be rolling out shortly. We will be releasing the improvements in an open beta stage first, and then rolling it out for everyone after that. Along with this is the ability to switch between variants while in the editor and some other very convenient features!